Research from The Ken Blanchard Company found that organizations believe in the power of coaching to achieve stronger business results, drive engagement and productivity in their employees. They also found that despite organizations’ beliefs in the power of coaching, only 5% of organizations have managers who have been trained to coach their team.  This session will focus on three coaching skills to help managers develop their coaching skills to effectively coach their employees and teams.

• Skill 1: Identify what others are doing right and where they shine. There is an abundance of research about how employees’ ability to use their strengths correlates with positive business results (see Gallup and Marcus Buckingham research on engagement). And yet, often our attempt at coaching focuses on fixing a weakness. We will discuss developing the habit of spotting peoples’ strengths and using those strengths in coaching.

• Skill 2: Putting energy towards driving results and developing people. As a manager, driving results and developing people are your primary responsibilities. When we survey leaders about where they spend their time, it usually involves putting out fires, making decisions, sitting in meetings and other activities that do not advance their primary responsibilities. We will explore how to build the discipline of coaching toward results and developing people.

• Skill 3: Tame Your Advice Monster and get curious. In his book on coaching, Michael Bungay Stanier introduces a concept called the Advice Monster. It is an idea that all of us have this little monster inside of us looking for every opportunity to share our advice with others – at the expense of being a good listener, showing empathy and giving others a chance to solve their own problems.

The problem isn’t with giving advice, there is a time and a place for advice giving. The problem is when giving advice becomes our automatic response. One of the coaching superpowers is questions, and this skill is about having humility, patience, and curiosity to develop great coaching questions.    This session will consist of teaching time and audience engagement. Participants will work through common coaching conversations to develop a script and questions that they can use in their work.


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August 4, 2022
Stephanie Buckingham
Kevin Johnson, P.E.