Design&Build Mega Projects. Applying Leadership and Project Management Principles to help your team accomplish goals.    As your roots are the foundations that prepare you to take off, fly, and be successful in your life, in the same way, the basics of project management and leadership give you the strength and vision to succeed as a Professional Engineer and Leader of your team.     The basics tenets of project management and leadership are the solid foundation of your knowledge that is particularly important when you work on Design&Build mega projects where proactivity, collaboration, and integration are key aspects to be successful.    The Design and Build delivery method is becoming more popular in the US, and engineers and engineering firms have to adapt to this relatively new approach. The key aspect to embrace and enhance this new process is being able to establish an integrated design&build team where key project participants collaborate on the project from inception to completion.   Building trust among project team members, providing integrity, honest communication, encouraging questions, diverse perspectives, inspiring innovation and creativity to drive quality, value and sustainability will improve the likelihood of a successful project outcome.


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August 3, 2022
Leadership Track: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Luigi Rosa, P.E., MSCE, PMP, CCM