– Do your people understand the six stages of a crisis?

– Do your leaders recognize the stage their people are in and do they react appropriately?

– Are your leaders leading, or just hoping for the right outcomes?

– Understand the six stages of any crisis, challenge, or change?

– Implement the five ways to P.I.V.O.T. through the crisis.

– Use the seven leadership reminders to lead out of a crisis?

In order to successfully lead people through and out of a crisis, first, we have to understand the 6 stages of the crisis. Based on her Navy experiences during the first and second Gulf Wars and 9-11, Commander Mary Kelly articulates the reactions of people in various stages of crisis, challenge, or change. As effective leaders, we have to be able to help our people P.I.V.O.T. through the crisis, by renewing their sense of purpose, influencing and inspiring others to take the right action, assessing the volatility levels, seeing the opportunities, and providing the right tools, techniques, and technology that allow people to succeed. Then we can apply Mary’s seven leadership reminders, using the acronym C.L.A.M.P.E.R. so that we are providing the right response to the right people at the right time to achieve the right outcomes.

This program includes access to an online vault full of bonus resources. Take the Leader’s Blind Spot Assessment, use the 12-Month Business Success and Accountability Planner, 15 of the 5-MinutePlans, and workbooks and ebooks on productivity, resiliency, and leadership.


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August 4, 2022
Commander Mary Kelly, US Navy (ret), Ph.D., CSP, CPAE