This session will walk through various management strategies and tactics observed in the fire service and apply them to the professional engineering field. Both industries consist of highly trained and highly respected people that are charged with safeguarding the public. Success in both are heavily dependent on strong management. The session will start with an overview of select parts of the National Incident Management System, which is utilized as a framework for managing incidents in the emergency services and is scalable dependent on the size of the incident and resource needs.  These concepts will be translated to how projects can be structured for successful execution, for projects small to large. Critical management topics within the emergency services such as training, collaboration, mentoring, communications, accountability, delegating and leadership will be discussed. In each of these topics, the common theme will be showing how these are applied in the emergency services and how they can benefit each of us regardless of where we are in our PE career. Each of these items lead to staff development, enhanced operations and an overall better functioning team. Attendees will have the opportunity to share thoughts on what management techniques they have found to work and just as important, what they found doesn’t work.


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August 3, 2022
Career Track: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Stephen M. Gomba, P.E., CFM