Baer Engineering & Environmental Consulting, Inc., Austin, TX
Mr. Andre Alphonso, EIT is a graduate engineer with a biomedical engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He worked initially in the oil and gas industry setting up stress, strain, and deformation analysis simulations to optimize product design parameters. Because the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam does not offer a test that focuses on biomedical engineering, Mr. Alphonso sat for the mechanical engineering test. In January 2021, he transitioned to environmental engineering and science with an emphasis on biomedical engineering and industrial hygiene, as they relate to building science and the health of building occupants. Mr. Alphonso’s focus is on effective methods to reduce the spread of pathogens and improve the well-being of occupants in the workplace. He is certified to use veriDART® by SafeTraces to assess the efficacy of HVAC systems. In addition to other tools, using veriDART® to apply FDA-approved DNA tracers, and RESET-certified AWAIR Omni to remotely monitor - in continuous, real-time - the parameters critical to the mitigation of pathogens, Mr. Alphonso is able to provide quantitative evidence that building occupants are breathing clean air. When indoor air parameters deviate from the ideal ranges to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogenic viruses or bacteria, Mr. Alphonso can respond quickly to the specific issues that are leading to poor indoor air quality.